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Browns’ Color Rush uniforms unveiled, but Cleveland won’t get to wear them in 2016

On Tuesday, the Color Rush uniforms for all 32 teams in the NFL were unveiled. Here is a snapshot of all of them:

The Cleveland Browns will wear all-brown, with modifications: there is no script on the pants, and the contrast stitching on the jersey is gone. The uniform is modeled below by tight end Gary Barnidge, and will be worn when the Browns take on the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday, November 10th in prime time.

UPDATE: There is some ambiguity as to whether or not the Browns will actually wear these. Some speculation says they will wear all-white so they do not clash with the home-Ravens’ all-purple. Stay tuned.

UPDATE 2: And here is the buzz kill: Cleveland will just settle with all-white uniforms. The color rush uniform would presumably be used if Cleveland has a home Thursday game in 2017. Why even promote the brown ones, then, as this point in time?

UPDATE 3: The Browns’ official Twitter feed confirms that they will not use modified white color rush jerseys for TNF; instead, they will be wearing their regular all-white uniforms. They also confirm that the brown color rush uniforms will not appear in 2016.

The Ravens will be in all purple, as shown below:

What do you think of the Browns’ color rush uniform? Is the style actually an upgrade over the team’s regular uniforms?