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Jason La Canfora’s agenda to dump on the Browns continues

Cleveland Browns v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

He’s at it again.

This morning, Jason La Canfora, who might as well be our arch-rival in the national media, posted the following gem on Twitter:

Upon first glance, it might seem like something interesting. For those who are paying attention, though, you’ll remember that La Canfora posted this same exact story in mid-April.

La Canfora is a Baltimore Ravens fan, and he currently resides in Baltimore. Leave it to him to use his national outlet to copy+paste a story on Sunday morning, hoping it makes some headlines, while dumping on his team’s arch-rival Browns (and opponent) in Week 2. I mean, is he seriously trying to rub this in after one game, and when we haven’t even seen how Jared Goff will turn out in the NFL? I’m sure he’ll be harping about it on the NFL on CBS in a little bit too.

Piss off, Jason.

Here is a take I like from Will Burge of Fox Sports Ohio:

And here is another reason to hate Baltimore:

The nerve!