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Browns' Defensive Snap Counts and Stats vs. Ravens

Looking at the defensive snap counts in the Browns' 25-20 loss to the Ravens.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Below, we analyze the snap counts and stats on defense for the Cleveland Browns' Week 2 game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Defensive Line

Pos Player Plays % Stats
DL Danny Shelton 47 63% 2 tackles, 6 assists (8 combined).
DL Xavier Cooper 44 59% 1 QH.
DL Jamie Meder 37 49% 1 tackle, 2 assists (3 combined).
DL Carl Nassib 34 45% No stats registered.
DL Stephen Paea 25 33% 1 tackle (1 combined).
DL Tyrone Holmes
10 13% No stats registered.

If we're looking for positives from the Browns, it'd be that Danny Shelton had a very good game again, logging a combined 8 tackles and being a big-time force in stopping the run. Baltimore finished the game with just 80 yards rushing and an 3.1 yards per carry average. Tyrone Holmes, active in his first game, logged three quarterback hurries in just 10 snaps, according to Pro Football Focus. Carl Nassib didn't get on the stat sheet and suffered a hand injury part-way through the game. I'm not sure if he even played in the second half, as I couldn't find him in some of the series I went back and watched.

Outside Linebacker

Pos Player Plays % Stats
OLB Emmanuel Ogbah 60 80% 1 tackle, 1 assist (2 combined). 1 QH.
OLB Joe Schobert 29 39% 1 tackle (1 combined).
OLB Nate Orchard 24 32% 1 tackle, 2 assists (3 combined). 1 QH.
OLB Corey Lemonier
19% 1 tackle (1 combined).

Special teams coordinator Chris Tabor is going to have to do some coaching with Emmanuel Ogbah, who was responsible for the blocked extra point by not chipping his guy from the edge. On defense, the team again rolled with the nickel being their base defense, which is why only Ogbah is really a started. In limited action, I thought Nate Orchard played well against the run (but is this Mingo all over again, where he was drafted to be a pass-rushing stud but does everything besides that?).

Inside Linebacker

Pos Player Plays % Stats
ILB Christian Kirksey 75 100% 5 tackles, 2 assists (7 combined). 1 TFL, 1 QH.
ILB Demario Davis 67 89% 4 tackles, 5 assists (9 combined). 1 TFL, 1 QH.
ILB Tank Carder
8 11% 1 tackle (1 combined).

I'll still say he is vulnerable in coverage, but man, Demario Davis has exceeded my expectations through these first two games. He can lay some hard hits, as I remember him driving Joe Flacco to the ground on one play and then single-handedly blowing up a screen pass.


Pos Player Plays % Stats
S Jordan Poyer 63 84% 2 tackles, 3 assists (5 combined). 1 pass defended.
S Derrick Kindred 62 83% 5 tackles (5 combined). 2 passes defended.
S Ibraheim Campbell 20 27% 1 tackle (1 combined).

The Browns made the coaching decision not-too-long into the game to bench Ibraheim Campbell and insert Derrick Kindred into the starting lineup. Kindred flashed some more and defended two passes, but I often attribute tight end production to the safeties, and Baltimore's tight ends caught 10 passes for 124 yards as they were often easy third down conversion options for Joe Flacco.


Pos Player Plays % Stats
CB Joe Haden 75 100% 3 tackles, 1 assist (4 combined). 2 INT, 4 passes defended.
CB Jamar Taylor 75 100% 3 tackles (3 combined).
CB Tramon Williams 52 69% 5 tackles, 2 assists (7 combined).
CB Tracy Howard 4 5% No stats registered.

Joe Haden was beat on a slant route for a touchdown and Steve Smith also got him up the sideline on one occasion, but this was still a great game for Haden. He had two interceptions and knocked away a couple of more passes, both of which also could have been interceptions. I'm perfectly fine if Haden gets beat on some plays here and there, as long as he shows the confidence and playmaking ability he did against Baltimore. He also blew up a run play early in the game by taking on an offensive lineman down low.

Through two games, I haven't seen a whole lot to make me think Jamar Taylor is any sort of long-term option. He's "just another guy," and I'm not sure what he was doing on Mike Wallace's second touchdown pass. The Browns have two cornerbacks who have been inactive this first two weeks off of waiver claims, they've got Trey Caldwell on the practice squad, and they tried out a bunch of guys last week. I think Cleveland would be well-served trying to mix things up at the other cornerback spot, and potentially the nickel spot too.