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Talking Browns QBs, Carson Wentz on SB Nation Radio

DBN made an appearance on SB Nation Radio on Tuesday. (Spoiler: Unpopular take on Carson Wentz below.)

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It's an interesting time to be a Browns fan.

The Cleveland Browns are starting their third quarterback of the season, injuries have wrecked the roster, and Josh Gordon was slapped with a paternity suit today.

With plenty swirling in Berea, I made an appearance on "Night Moves with Lewis Woodard" on SB Nation Radio on Tuesday evening / early Wednesday morning. If you didn't stay up with bated breath until 1 a.m. last night to listen to me talk about the Browns' quarterback situation (and about Tim Couch), you can listen to the full interview below.

Enjoy the interview, but don't bother picking up Corey Coleman in your fantasy league, unless you plan to stash him on the IR, that is.