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Browns' Defensive Snap Counts and Stats vs. Dolphins

Looking at the defensive snap counts in the Browns' 30-24 overtime loss to the Dolphins.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Below, we analyze the snap counts and stats on defense for the Cleveland Browns' Week 3 game against the Miami Dolphins.

Defensive Line

Pos Player Plays % Stats
DL Danny Shelton 42 63% 4 tackles (4 combined).
DL Stephen Paea 25 37% No stats registered.
DL Jamie Meder 24 36% 2 tackles (2 combined).
DL Gabe Wright 24 36% 1 QH.
DL Xavier Cooper 23 34% 1 tackle (1 combined).
DL Tyrone Holmes 14 21% No stats registered.

Two of the players above didn't show up on the stat sheet: Stephen Paea and Tyrone Holmes. That doesn't mean they didn't have an impact. Holmes had a great move in the second quarter to force Ryan Tannehill into the pick six. Paea was graded as one of the Browns' best defenders yesterday by PFF. Gabe Wright also made his debut with the club. Danny Shelton had a stable game, although it might have been nice to see him do more against a backup center.

Outside Linebacker

Pos Player Plays % Stats
OLB Emmanuel Ogbah 57 85% 3 tackles (3 combined). 1 TFL, 1 pass defended.
OLB Nate Orchard 38 57% 1 tackle (1 combined).
OLB Corey Lemonier 16 24% 3 tackles (3 combined). 1 sack, 1 TFL, 1 QH, 1 FF, 1 FR.
OLB Joe Schobert
14 21% No stats registered.

Overall, the Browns' young group of linebackers are still struggling to generate pressure in one-on-one situations. Plays of note included Emmanuel Ogbah reading and swatting away a wide receiver screen at the end of the first half, and Corey Lemonier with the individual defensive play of the game that should have set up a Browns win. Joe Schobert actually lost snaps this week to both Lemonier and Nate Orchard; Orchard was listed as the starter.

Inside Linebacker

Pos Player Plays % Stats
ILB Christian Kirksey 67 100% 8 tackles, 1 assist (9 combined). 1 QH.
ILB Demario Davis 66 99% 2 tackles, 1 assist (3 combined).
ILB Tank Carder
1 1% No stats registered.

Aside from one play early on, the inside linebackers continue to pursue well against the run. Once Jordan Cameron went down early with a concussion, the tight end threat exited the equation, and Miami's backs don't do much damage out of the backfield, so our linebackers knew what they needed to stop.


Pos Player Plays % Stats
S Jordan Poyer 67 100% 10 tackles, 2 assists (12 combined). 1 pass defended.
S Derrick Kindred 66 99% 3 tackles, 1 assist (4 combined).
S Terrelle Pryor
1 1% No stats registered.

This Derrick Kindred kid sure likes to stick people. Making his first start with Ibraheim Campbell hurt, he might just be laying claim to the starting role once Campbell comes back. Jordan Poyer might not be playing spectacularly, but he's racking up tackles this year and is doing OK as a placeholder of sorts. Terrelle Pryor played deep safety on the final play of the first half, in the event Miami tried for a Hail Mary.


Pos Player Plays % Stats
CB Jamar Taylor 67 100%
1 tackle (1 combined). 1 INT, 1 pass defended.
CB Briean Boddy-Calhoun 57 85% 3 tackles, 1 assist (4 combined). 1 INT, 1 pass defended, 1 TD.
CB Tramon Williams 46 69% 2 tackles (2 combined).
CB Tracy Howard 22 33% 1 tackle (1 combined).

Without Joe Haden active due to a groin injury, CB Briean Boddy-Calhoun got the start. This was a 5-9, undrafted cornerback who spent camp with the Jaguars and Cleveland had claimed off waivers leading into Week 1. In his debut, he gave up a touchdown in the first quarter, but later had the pick six and also made a nice open field tackle to prevent a first down later on. When Haden comes back, I'd love to see Boddy-Calhoun get some work over Tramon Williams, who was again beat for a touchdown. Jamar Taylor had an interception on the first pass of the game, but also had another play where he "guessed wrong" to give up a wide open catch in overtime to help set up the game-winner. Near the end of regulation, he also should've been called for taunting.