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NFL Power Rankings: Browns rise, big AFC North changes in Week 4

Cleveland Browns v Miami Dolphins Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

Here is a summary of how the Cleveland Browns are viewed across mainstream media outlets in NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 4.

FOX Sports - No. 31 (up 1 from last week)

The Browns may not be good, but at least they fight their tails off. Cleveland should have beat the Dolphins if not for three (!!!) missed field goals by its kicker, Cody Parkey. In typical Browns fashion, though, they collapsed and lost in overtime to Miami.

SB Nation - No. 31 (up 1 from last week)

Good job, good effort, Browns. But mostly just Terrelle Pryor, who essentially tried to beat the Miami Dolphins all on his own. He might’ve been able to pull it off too if the rest of his team wasn’t so Cleveland Browns-y. - No. 31 (up 1 from last week)

It simply wouldn't be Cleveland Browns football without Cody Parkey missing a potential game-winning 46-yard field goal. Although I picked the Dolphins to win, and I enjoy being right, I derived little enjoyment from watching a group of guys play their hearts out and lose the way the Browns did. Cody Kessler fared much better than any analyst thought he would. Terrelle Pryor was awesome. The wrenching loss reminds me of the 1985 Browns, who made the playoffs for the first time with Martyball, then blew a 21-3 lead in Miami in the first round. The AFC Championship Games the next two years are far more famous, yet that game showed that Cleveland was a quality team. Anyone else remember that one?

Bleacher Report - No. 31 (even from last week)

Just have Terrelle Pryor suit up at every position next week. The guy did it all against Miami in this one.

Cody Kessler struggling? Pryor can help; he went 3-of-5 for 35 yards. Duke Johnson Jr. needs a breather? Pryor ran for 21 yards and a touchdown. Need a big play on the outside? Pryor racked up 144 yards on eight catches.

This Browns team isn't good. It was missing Joe Haden, first-round receiver Corey Coleman and the top two quarterbacks on the depth chart. But it is well-coached, and you can tell the Dolphins weren't ready for Hue Jackson's latest wrinkle.

That keeps the Browns out of the basement again this week.

Yahoo Sports - No. 32 (even from last week)

Take away Terrelle Pryor’s contributions on Sunday and the Browns would have finished with just 230 total yards. Yikes.

ESPN - No. 32 (even from last week)

Cody Kessler didn't look bad in Week 3, and maybe more important, didn't get hurt. Throw in a not-so-secret weapon in Terrelle Pryor and the Browns could be OK offensively. Will that equate to wins? A road game against Washington isn't the worst matchup in the world.

Associated Press - No. 31 (up 1 from last week)

Listed below is a summary table of where teams in the AFC North are ranked this week.

Bengals Browns Ravens Steelers
Fox Sports 15 31 8 7
SB Nation 8 31 6 12 14 31 10 7
Bleacher Report 8 31 13 6
Yahoo Sports 11 32 10 4
ESPN 13 32 10 9
Associated Press 14 31 7 7
Average 11.9 (down 3.5) 31.3 (up 0.6) 9.1 (up 3.6) 7.4 (down 5.3)