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Browns sign 4 players to practice squad, tracking other interests

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Training Camp Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

We will have a more complete posting once the full practice squad is known, but for now, we wanted to report that the Cleveland Browns confirmed the signing of four players to their practice squad on Sunday:

  • WR Darius Jennings
  • TE Connor Hamlett
  • OT Dan France
  • OG Kaleb Johnson

With four spots taken, there are six spots left. Who could fill them? The Browns’ second wave of cuts could see several candidates. I could see RB Terrell Watson, OLB Cam Johnson, and CB Trey Caldwell all making the practice squad. That would bring the number up to seven players. We also had one agent making note of the Browns adding a guard/center from the Baltimore Ravens:

I thought the Browns would originally keep C Mike Matthews. Since he wasn’t in the original list, maybe Cleveland’s interest changed with the Fabiano addition, or maybe Matthews felt he’d succeed better in a different organization, given his lack of camp opportunities in Cleveland.

In total, that could bring Cleveland’s practice squad to 8 players, with 2 more signings coming from other rosters.

UPDATE: Looks like we’re adding a quarterback to the practice squad too:

UPDATE 2: This time from Mary Kay Cabot: