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More on the [lack of] credibility of Jason La Canfora

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

If you’re tired of the Jason La Canfora hate (and I’d understand it), do yourself a favor and just exit out of this article. Check out today’s Chow instead.

After the Browns announced the firing of five assistant coaches on Tuesday (and I’d expect some, if not all, of the replacements to be named very soon), Jason La Canfora took to Twitter so he could deliver some more insults at the expense of the Browns. Remember: this isn’t the type of thing you’ll see a Jay Glazer, Ian Rapoport, or Chris Mortenson do.

When La Canfora actually reports something, it’s hard to dismiss it completely. He’s the “inside the NFL” guy for one of the major football networks, so deep down, there has to be some merit to even the occasional story he puts out, right? It’s getting harder to even find something to justify him as a credible reporter, though. He’s already been exposed for his flat-out bashing vs. reporting of the Browns, and now he’s misfired big time on one of the league’s biggest coaching vacancies.

We let Rapoport have it a few years ago when he led everyone to believe that Chip Kelly was coming to the Browns. Now, La Canfora did the same to Buffalo Bills fans. These tweets came on January 1st and 2nd:

Sounds all well-and-good, right? Except for this...

Good going, Jason. I’ll remember to continue not taking your word for things.