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Browns reportedly hiring Blake Williams and Jerod Kruse as defensive assistants

New Orleans Saints 2009 Headshots

According to Josh Edwards of 24/7 Sports, the Cleveland Browns have hired two more defensive assistants to Gregg Williams’ staff.

One of the additions is Blake Williams, who will reportedly be the team’s linebakers coach. The Browns had an inside and an outside linebackers coach in 2016, but Williams’ staff in Los Angeles last year only included one linebackers coach. Blake is Gregg’s son, and an addition that was speculated by a few reporters last week.

The other addition is Jerod Kruse, who will reportedly assist with the safeties and on special teams. That means he could end up holding a title of assistant defensive backs coach, or just defensive assistant. Kruse has mainly worked in the college ranks, but he did work as a defensive assistant under Williams around 2009 with the New Orleans Saints.