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As former Browns RB Dion Lewis shines in the playoffs, Joe Banner smiles

Divisional Round - Houston Texans v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

A broken leg followed by a regime change prevented Cleveland Browns fans from ever getting to see what Dion Lewis could contribute during the regular season. Now, he’s putting together three-touchdown performances in the postseason.

Lewis had the hat trick Saturday night against the top-ranked Texans defense. He caught a touchdown, rushed for a touchdown, and returned a kickoff for a touchdown. As the game was ending, Emmanuel Acho tweeted that someone needs to be fired for basically trading a low-profile linebacker like himself for a stud like Lewis:

If you recall, Acho was a sixth-round pick by the Browns in 2012, and he’s now out of the NFL. Joe Banner couldn’t help but respond to Acho’s tweet, and you can imagine he was grinning ear to ear with every letter he typed:

He also retweeted just about every positive note on Lewis’ performance that he could find. He’ll always have that feather in his cap. And here is another one he can tout: