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Recap: Sashi Brown, Paul DePodesta, and Hue Jackson talk about the Browns

Paul DePodesta and Sashi Brown Introductory Press Conference

Monday evening, Sashi Brown, Paul DePodesta, and Hue Jackson met with the media to discuss their first season in charge of the Cleveland Browns, and what the plan is moving forward. You can watch the entire presser over at, but I have written some highlights after having watched it.

Personnel and Front Office Issues

  • Sashi Brown said the team is not looking to add anyone [prominent] in the personnel department. They are all set with their current group, including VP of Player Personnel Andrew Berry.
  • What if the Browns go 1-15 again in 2017?

Draft Topics & Roster Building

  • If contacted to coach the Senior Bowl, Hue Jackson would jump at the opportunity.
  • Paul DePodesta said he never put a name on the “not a Top 20 QB” comment with respect to Carson Wentz, but people inferred it. He said each team should have their own assessment of what is important; for another team, quarterback might have been the right pick. They are happy with the guys they got, including the two assets that will be used in 2017 and 2018 (draft picks).
  • Sashi Brown says that the organization has rolled over all of their leftover cap space into 2017. That should be about $49.39 million.

Roster Issues

  • The plan for Terrelle Pryor and Jamie Collins is to extend both players without having to use the franchise tag.
  • Hue Jackson said it was disappointing to go 1-15, but the guys in the locker room were upbeat and looking forward to next season. Jackson enjoyed today because he got to meet individually with each player and go over what they expect from them in the future. He also said he told the team they always played hard, but they need to work on playing smart.
  • Regarding the quarterback position, Sashi Brown says they have not established “the guy” yet, so anything is up in the air with respect to the future of the position. Brown, Paul DePodesta, Hue Jackson, Pep Hamilton, and Andrew Berry will work together to make the determination at quarterback.
  • No decision has been made on Robert Griffin III’s coming roster bonus yet. They still have to go through and do their full end-of-the-year film study evaluations on each player.
  • 25% of the snaps for the 2016 Browns were taken by rookies, which is definitely way and above what everyone else had.

Media Notes

  • It was disappointing to see how several members of the local media, specifically Tony Grossi, attacked the front office during the press conference. I’m not referring to good journalism; it basically amounted to Grossi saying, “How can you guys possibly say ___ about the quarterback position after going 1-15!?!”