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Some banter from former Browns CEO Joe Banner and RT Mitchell Schwartz

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers Photo by Brian Kersey/Getty Images

During Sunday’s NFC Championship game between the Green Bay Packers and the Atlanta Falcons, former Cleveland Browns CEO Joe Banner was praising Kyle Shanahan on Twitter.

If you recall, Banner hired Mike Pettine as the Browns’ head coach pm January 23, 2014. Shanahan was hired as the team’s offensive coordinator on February 1, 2014. Banner was still the Browns’ CEO at the time, before he was abruptly dismissed on February 11, 2014.

A year later, Banner was serving as a consultant for the Atlanta Falcons, and he reportedly helped recommend that Atlanta bring Shanahan aboard.’s Bucky Brooks responded to Banner that the wide range of talent in Atlanta has allowed Shanahan to truly showcase his craft:

Banner responded by tweeting, “Watch his Browns tape with no one. He is and has been outstanding.” That is when former Browns RT Mitchell Schwartz jumped in:

The “I’m someone” was in response to Banner saying the Browns had “no one” on offense. Banner replied by telling Schwartz, "Yes, you are [someone]! I was referring to his weapons." Banner also asked Schwartz, “Can you catch,” insinuating that Cleveland had no wide receivers to work with in 2014. That was the season where the Browns' leading receivers in yards were Andrew Hawkins (824), Taylor Gabriel (621), Miles Austin (568), Jordan Cameron (424), and a late-returning Josh Gordon (303).

Schwartz ended the conversation by summarizing where the Browns’ season went wrong -- the return of Josh Gordon late in the year, and “all of the Johnny [Manziel] stuff.”

When referencing the Browns’ accomplishments despite everything, Schwartz was tipping hit hat to Shanahan. I’ve said before that Shanahan wasn’t particularly a people person when it came to offensive players liking him, but maybe I was wrong on that.