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Sashi Brown won’t be at the Senior Bowl, but everyone else from the Browns will be

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Monday afternoon, the Cleveland Browns announced that Executive VP of Football Operations Sashi Brown is not able to travel to Alabama for the Senior Bowl festivities this week. The reason? He had back surgery recently and is prohibited from flying.

So when anyone sees reports that Brown is not with the rest of the club at the Senior Bowl, there will be no need to gossip about some issue that isn’t there with respect to his role with the team. Still, the Browns will be as well represented as they’ve ever been down at the Senior Bowl, as the rest of their entire scouting staff and coaching staff will be down there, along with VP of Player Personnel Andrew Berry.

One person I’m unclear about still is Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta, although one would think that he’d be there too.