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Getting to know CB Cameron Sutton at the Senior Bowl

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl-South Practice
South squad cornerback Cameron Sutton of Tennessee (33) breaks up a pass intended for wide receiver Travin Dural of LSU (83) during Senior Bowl practice.
Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

As most of you know, this week, Barry Shuck has been down at the Senior Bowl taking notes and gathering a few interviews. Heading into the Senior Bowl, I gave Barry a small list of players I was particularly interested in him following, if at all possible. One of those players was CB Cameron Sutton, and it sounds like I made a wise choice. Sutton has drawn good reviews during the Senior Bowl practices from Pro Football Focus and others in attendance:

Sutton has been working at free safety, nickelback, and cornerback during the week. According to the USA Today, he is “making key plays in man coverage and was able to shut down top pass-catchers consistently.” Barry had a chance to get in on an interview with Sutton this week, so I’ll let him take over from here:

Cameron Sutton (5-11, 186) CB, Tennessee, Projected Round 3

Compiled by Barry Shuck

Sutton played big in a big conference while he was on the field. In the fourth game, he broke his ankle and did not return. In his junior year, he was the player QBs tried to avoid, so it was disappointing for him in 2016.

Q: “You missed significant playing time this past season. Do you feel you need to prove something now?”

Sutton: “I definitely have a chip on my shoulder although it wasn’t my fault I got hurt. This is football and players get hurt. I was just one of them. But, I am healthy and ready to prove I deserve the next step.”

Q: “So, the injury is completely healed?”

Sutton: “Yes. I was a broken bone and not something that would linger like a knee injury or tendons. Broken bones heal up, and you go on with your life. I feel strong.”

Q: “How would you describe your game?”

Sutton: “My strength is my versatility. I am limited with playing just one position. I am able to understand concepts and use my mind to further my game. My playmaking abilities and ball skills I feel have never been questioned.”

Q: “You are also a return guy, correct?”

Sutton: “I really enjoy returning kicks. It’s just you and the field and 11 other guys who are trying to knock you down. I have always enjoyed being a part of special teams.”

Q: “You are known among scouts as a high-character guy. Why is that important to you?”

Sutton: “On or off the field I am not the problem. I want to solve problems and not create things that hurt your team or embarrass them and make them have to answer questions about your character or why you have done the things you did. It really is not hard to have good character and morals.”

Q: “How will the week involved with the Senior Bowl help you?”

Sutton: “It will help me out in a lot of ways. I missed most of the year with injuries so there are some questions about whether I can get back to the level I was at before and if my speed is still there. Obviously the scouts want to see me out there moving around, making plays and do what I like to do. So, I have to showcase that and compete every day.”

Q: “It seems like everybody who holds a job in the NFL is out here at practices. How do you handle that?”

Sutton: “I think my school has already helped me handle that already. Just the constant crowd noises that we went through every game, that is just cluttered distractions that you get used to and learn how to compete in that environment. You just focus on what you are there for and everything else just falls into place.”

Q: “What are the strengths to your game?”

Sutton: “Competitive. Top of the line pass defender who is looking to dominate my side of the field. Compete for the ball with great ball skills.”

Q: “Do you expect to start next season?”

Sutton: “I don’t remember ever being on the bench during any game. I am here to compete and want to step onto the field from Day One. I am a person who will put in the study time because with every system the schemes change and you can’t do your job if you don’t understand what you doing.”

Q: “How are your tackling abilities?”

Sutton: “Something definitely I will be working on. Not a lack or desire to want to tackle, I am probably at the point where it is not for sure I will make the tackle. Which I can always get better at. The more repetition, the more practice I get the better that part of my game will be.”