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More quotes from Browns head coach Hue Jackson at the Senior Bowl

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl-South Practice Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

With the Browns coaching staff at the Senior Bowl this week coaching the South squad, every coach, scout and staff member is pretty busy. And quite a bit has transpired recently with the coaching staff with six coaches gone and another six that have been inserted to fill the vacancies. On behalf of DBN, I had the opportunity to take part in Wednesday’s media session with head coach Hue Jackson on several key issues regarding coaches, the upcoming draft and the Senior Bowl in general.

Note: Some of this material was included in Chris’ Day 2 write-up on the Browns, but this is the full transcript I transcribed, including additional material.

Q: “Why is Bob Wylie the right guy for the new offensive line coach position?”

Hue: “Well, Bob Wylie is one of my guys. Not that Hal (Hunter) wasn’t, I just felt that we needed to go in a different direction and try to improve our team. It is just an opportunity to get better. It doesn’t matter what players we did or did not have, we just have a level of performance that we are looking for and thought it was best to make a change.”

Q: “Is Wylie better at coaching younger players?”

Hue: “He brings them along and goes about it differently in getting guys to play. He is a guy I am real familiar with. We have to protect our quarterback.”

Q: “Here at the Senior Bowl, are you seeing some players on the South squad that you perceive helping next year’s team?”

Hue: “There are a lot of good players out there on this team and we continue to evaluate them. Every practice we see something different. We will continue to evaluate once we sit down and see the tapes in Berea.”

Q: “What advantage does your coaching staff have being with the South squad this week?”

Hue: “We have the opportunity to be with them in meetings and do some of the techniques we teach our guys. And just able to watch them every day and how they process information in a close-up environment. We have thrown a lot at them and push them pretty hard.”

Q: “The South squad is loaded with tight ends including O.J. Howard, Gerald Everett and Evan Engram. What have you seen at this position?”

Hue: “There are some talented players here. Howard is a talented player no question about it. He has to continue to showcase his abilities and get better. Everett and Engram both are excellent receivers.”

Q: “This is not your first Senior Bowl but your first being the coaching staff. How is it different than sitting in the bleachers?”

Hue: “Much different. To me, we want to put our hands on the players as we coach them and push them through things. It is a lot different than processing information third lens. Down here you can really focus on what a guy is trying to do and accomplish.”

Q: “With the recent Jamie Collins signing done, has there been any progress on the Terrelle Pryor deal?”

Hue: “I know this much: we are working hard with all our free-agents. That is a huge piece of what we are doing is to keep those players on our football team. We want them all back if we can get them back.”

Q: “Right before the season ended Terrelle said he wanted to be with you as his coach. How much does that mean to you?”

Hue: “That means a lot. I hope all the players we have want to be here. That is the type of environment we try to create. As long as our organization is putting our best foot forward we will make great things happen.”

Q: “You are a quarterback coach. What can you say about the QBs on the South squad – Josh Dobbs of Tennessee, Antonio Pipkin from Tiffin, and California’s Davis Webb?”

Hue: “Each one is working pretty hard. Dobbs has come from a different system and now is playing a pro-style offense and is picking things up pretty well. Webb can really throw the football. He has a really strong arm and poise, and today he showcased his arm talent. And Antonio is a really good athlete. He throws the ball extremely well. They all have different skill sets and each one will play in the NFL.”

Q: “There are a lot of quarterback coaches out there in independent camps. How have those guys impacted the rookie QBs coming out now?”

Hue: “You have some guys who give really good instruction on how to play in the NFL. Overall I think those guys do an exceptional job of preparing these guys for the next level and provide a bridge before they get into a pro camp. It gives these young guys an idea of what it is going to be like once they get to camp.”

Q: “We have seen some mid-round quarterback success stories. What is one trait you not willing to overlook on a mid-round QB?”

Hue: “I think at the end of the day the guy has to be able to process football. And arm talent in really important – especially in our division. Everything that goes on in my mind goes towards the division. So, if you can’t stand in there in snow and the elements and throw the ball it’s tough. And our division’s defenses are so good you have to have someone who can process quickly. So, those are some things that are non-negotiable for me.”

Q: “How long does it take to gauge the leadership trait in a quarterback?”

Hue: “I would hope the guys we put on our team have that trait. You can see it. Those are your team leaders. They have been thrust into that role and in the past sometimes that was not earned. I think you have to earn that role to become a leader. You call tell by how much a guy prepares, how much work he puts in. As you grind to find the right guy you look for all of those things.”

Q: “Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam is here at the Senior Bowl. Is that important to see him here?”

Hue: “I have a great relationship with Jimmy and excited to see him here. The fact that he comes down here and sees myself and the staff and the talent that’s out here is inspirational.”

Q: “You have said that it was too early about the number one overall pick. Is trading down an option?”

Hue: “I think all of that is still too early. Everything for right now is going to be negotiable and we will certainly talk about it. But until we have a chance to sit down and see where we are and what we want to do, we haven’t had those discussions. We are in the beginning phases of all of it and have a long way to go before we get to that decision.”

Q: “An elite quarterback is more valuable than the best non-quarterback player. With the number one overall pick, do you think it should be the best player or the most valuable player?”

Hue: “I know people don’t like me using this term, but you go through the process. You have to weigh what’s best. Is the best player a defensive end, a quarterback, a defensive back? We don’t know that yet. We all know a quarterback is important to any team, but is he the best player? If we need to put one on this team, we will do that.”

Q: “How influential will Gregg Williams be with that side of the ball?”

Hue: “He will be huge. This is a collaborative deal with all our coaches. He is an excellent defensive mind. We are trying to get the players that are best for the Cleveland Browns and if it means getting the right defensive guys in here then that is what we are focused on doing.”