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Getting to know DT Montravius Adams at the Senior Bowl

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Auburn vs Oklahoma
Auburn Tigers defensive back Joshua Holsey (15) and Auburn Tigers defensive tackle Montravius Adams (1) embrace after the Tigers loss to the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2017 Sugar Bowl.
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Senior Bowl practices may be over, but the content keeps rolling in. Another one of the players I was interested in correspondent Barry Shuck checking out this week was DT Montravius Adams. Adams also received positive press for the three sessions he put together:

Barry had a chance to get in on an interview with Adams this week:

Montravius Adams (6’1”, 309) DT, Auburn, Projected round 4

Compiled by Barry Shuck

Adams is a wide body with deceptive speed. And because of this he has the flexibility to play outside on occasion. Speedy disruptor at the point of attack would best describe his game.

Q: How have you been keeping in shape since the season ended?

Adams: I run almost every day and train with some players that are still working with the Auburn football team. We work off each other and grind it out. I am happy with the weight I have on right now. Still got my playing weight.

Q: At the Senior Bowl this week your South squad has been visited by Alabama head coach Nick Saban, Clemson head coach Dabo Sweeney and LSU head coach Ed Orgeron. Did it feel like a southern reunion of sorts?

Adams: It was great seeing those men who I have a ton of respect even though they were our rivals. Great things always happen in the SEC. We played all of those teams this year.

Q: Did you renew some recruiting stories with those guys?

Adams: Naw. It was really just some looks and a maybe a nod. We played against each other and you win some and lose some. I never did play against Coach O though. Our win over LSU put the last coach out so maybe he should be over here thanking me.

Q: With this week is there something you want to show what you do on the field?

Adams: That I can be a leader on the field and will sacrifice for my teammates. I will play special teams if that is where they need me. I am here to prove that I am the best defensive lineman here even though both rosters are full of great D-linemen.

Q: How have practices gone so far with the Browns as coaches?

Adams: I know I have been doing good and feel good. I like my defensive coaches and they work you pretty hard. There are drills that have done that work me pretty good, but I see where the end result is going.

Q: What is this experience like with all the hundreds of scouts and coaches watching you with the Senior Bowl?

Adams: It is pressure a little bit, but we always had NFL scouts come through at Auburn and you knew they were there to watch all of us and see who the good players were. But not this many scouts at one time. At the end of the day you have to focus on yourself and your game and not worry about what others are doing or saying about you. Your play will tell your story for you. If you don’t do what you have to on the field you won’t have to worry about any scouts.

Q: A game like the Senior Bowl is a time when two rivals like Ohio State and Michigan and Auburn and Alabama can be on the field at the same time. What’s that like?

Adams: Us and Bama will always be rivals and when we play each other every year I am still rooting for my school. But the Bama players I have met are cool guys. Ryan (Anderson) lines up next to me on the defense I am in and need him to make plays or hold onto somebody to help me make a play.

Q: Do you expect to start next season?

Adams: I expect to take somebody’s position next year. Not necessarily take his job, but the other guy will be subbing more than playing.

Q: At times you played like first round talent while other times you weren’t as productive. What is the change from game-to-game?

Adams: We have a great defensive coordinator and each game depends on what he decides to work on. Sometimes I am the player and the plan is to get the middle defensive linemen into the backfield and sometimes we are just holding guys off so that the linebackers can make the plays. You play the way your coaches lay it all out. That is how you win and that is how you play a scheme designed to hurt the other offense. I have no issue with being the one with the worst stats in a game if our defense took care of business.

Q: How are your tackling abilities?

Adams: I love to hit. There is no better feeling in knowing a running back or a quarterback is doing some suffering with what you just brought. No better feeling.