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Getting to know WR Cooper Kupp at the Senior Bowl

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl-North Practice Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve focused on the South team for much of this week because the Cleveland Browns were coaching them, but one of the standouts for the North side during the practices was WR Cooper Kupp.

During the Senior Bowl game itself, Kupp only had At a 29-yard kickoff return, 2 receptions for 14 yards, and carried the ball once for no gain. Contributor Barry Shuck had a chance to interview Kupp during the week.

Cooper Kupp (6’2”, 205) WR, Eastern Washington, Projected round 2

Compiled by Barry Shuck

If you have not heard of Kupp at all this season you are in the majority of college football fans. Come draft day everyone will know who Cooper Kupp is. This kid catches literally everything thrown his way with excellent hands. His speed is deceptive and he is a student of crisp route running. Stay tuned.

Q: The Bears and the Browns are the coaches for the Senior Bowl. What has been your experience with pro coaches so far?

Kupp: The Bears seem like a great organization that is working real hard to get their team back to the Super Bowl. At least they are working me real hard.

Q: You came from a smaller FCS school in the Big Sky Conference. Is that a disadvantage for you?

Kupp: Jerry Rice was from a smaller school and he did okay, right? Marshall isn’t exactly a college football powerhouse but Randy Moss didn’t care. You work hard and get to places you didn’t think you could no matter where you are from.

Q: What are your strengths?

Kupp: I think I am a versatile receiver. A guy that’s gonna move inside, outside, the slot. And a guy you know will be open. I want to be open on every play. Those are things that I bring.

Q: There is a lot of talented guys here at the Senior Bowl. Your thoughts?

Kupp: Yeah, there is some really good talented guys and I feel I fit right in. This is top-level talent. I am not here with something to prove, but I am going to be myself and be the player that I have always been. I am enjoying my time so far.

Q: Your college home games were played in a small stadium. How will you adapt to larger stadiums and bigger crowds?

Kupp: You just have to focus on the game between the lines. All that other stuff I just don’t pay attention to it.

Q: Your college stadium is famous for the red turf field. Are you missing that?

Kupp: I am glad they did that before my time started and took some getting used to. But once you play on it and focus on the game at hand, you forget the color pretty quick. Someone once said you could see the field from space.

Q: You ended your college career as the all-division career leader in receiving yards with over 6,000 yards. What do you attribute your success to?

Kupp: You have to have a total package with the offensive line in order to get that many passes off. My three years we had some of the best and hardest working linemen, very unselfish do whatever it took to win guys.

Q: I suppose all your favorite players growing up were receivers?

Kupp: Actually, in high school I was a running back. So players like Reggie Bush because he was a very dominant player and elusive. As I got older and switched positions I started watching guys like Larry Fitzgerald and A.J. Green as to how they play their position.

Q: So, no Seahawks players? Since you grew up in Washington State I assume you are a Hawks fan.

Kupp: To some extent because you live there and is basically all you hear about is sports teams from Seattle. But actually I am a Saints fan. My grandpa played guard for them, Jake Kupp. But all Seattle teams too like the Sounders.

Q: You were named the Big Sky Offensive Player of the Year two years in a row and was named to the First-team All-Big Sky Conference team all four years you were at Eastern Washington. You also scored 73 touchdowns during that span. How do you elevate your talent to the NFL?

Kupp: You have to work really hard on your routes and do the study time. Defensive backs have tendencies that film will show you where you can attack them and get the most during the game. Nothing comes for free. Work hard and get rewarded – I believe in that and won’t settle for anything less.