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Cabot: The latest from sources on the Browns’ QB situation

NCAA Football: Senior Bowl-South Practice Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday evening, Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer was the latest person to post some rumors regarding the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback situation. Through her sources, her report touched on just about all of the possibilities out there. Here is a quick recap:

  • After evaluating the rookie class over the next month, the Browns will decide whether they will “make a pitch” for acquiring Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo. What Cleveland is willing to give up, or what the Patriots are willing to accept, remains to be seen.
  • At the Senior Bowl, Cabot says she talked to one general manager, one director of player personnel, and one offensive coordinator who each said they would select QB Deshaun Watson at No. 1 overall. Cabot personally does not feel like the Browns are convinced he is worth that yet, and she notes that Mitch Trubisky could be gaining some momentum. However, a report about his height being closer to 6-1 rather than 6-3 might end up sinking his value.
  • Lastly, we have a nugget regarding one of the Browns’ current quarterbacks on the roster, Cody Kessler:

Sources say he wasn't as all in on the pick of Cody Kessler as he made it seem last when he said "trust me.''

I think it makes sense for the Browns to try to make Garoppolo their long-term answer, but try is the key word. It all depends on what the trade package involves, and right now, I think it’s very difficult to guess what New England would settle for.