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La Canfora’s Sunday spin: Jimmy Haslam communicating confidence is really a sign of turmoil

Now we’ve got JLC trying some reverse psychology on us or something.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

You can’t make this stuff up. After keeping quiet for three weeks, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports was tired of not writing something negative about the Cleveland Browns. This time, he stretched his conveyance of turmoil even greater than he usually does.

Here is the story:

This week, ownership felt the need to have a conference call with the scouts and football operations staff, according to team sources, giving the evaluators a vote of confidence of sorts that some are reading more like a harbinger of change. ... Given the history of churn in Cleveland, some viewed the situation more as a “kiss of death.”

In other words, Jimmy Haslam held a call with the football operations staff and tried to inspire confidence, presumably telling them that they have confidence they are on the right path and to continue doing the jobs they are doing leading up to another big draft in 2018.

Instead, it’s viewed as the “kiss of death?” Yeah...OK. Rob on Twitter couldn’t have said it better:

Some might say, “If this is a continuing story by JLC, then it must be true.” To that, I say that there are a lot more proven and respectable reporters around the NFL who haven’t reported a peep on the Browns. The agenda is clearly there.