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NFL Power Rankings: Browns, 49ers stuck at the bottom in Week 8, just like last year

The 49ers and Browns are universally ranked 31st and 32nd, respectively.

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Here is a summary of how the Cleveland Browns are viewed across mainstream media outlets in NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 8.

CBS Sports - No. 32 (no change)

All the quarterback shuffling isn't good for this team. They need to settle on somebody. Losing Joe Thomas is a major hit.

ESPN - No. 32 (no change)

The Browns are just the fourth franchise in the Super Bowl era to start 0-7 in back-to-back seasons. Their chances to win the division are nonexistent, but their chances to "earn" the top pick in next year's draft are through the roof. The Browns are a 58.4 percent favorite to pick first, according to FPI. - No. 32 (no change)

So defensive coordinator Gregg Williams stonewalled the vaunted Titans running attack all game long and came up short Sunday. Well, the Browns' offense did the coming up short part. Another mixed-bag showing from rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer -- mostly bad -- with Cody Kessler trying to do his best Cody Allen impression. Nada. While the overtime loss was gut-wrenching, the season-ending injury to Joe Thomas was unfortunate. The torn triceps he suffered Sunday snapped his consecutive snaps streak at 10,363. I've been watching football for three decades and I've studied the NFL's history profusely. I've never seen anything like Thomas' run. The closest thing you can point to would be Brett Favre's 297 straight starts at quarterback, or Vikings legend Jim Marshall playing 282 straight games without missing any. Marshall, a defensive end, pulled that off while playing in the trenches in the 1960s and '70s. Unbeknownst to many people, Marshall launched his career in 1960 ... in Cleveland.

Bleacher Report - No. 32 (no change)

It sucks that the Cleveland Browns are so inept on offense, because their evolving defense is getting to be impressive. Led by Myles Garrett, the front seen is dangerous. The secondary is merely average, but defensive coordinator Gregg Williams dials up some confusing packages on third downs to help it. This is why the Tennessee Titans were only 5-of-17 on third downs. The offense is the issue in Cleveland, and it makes things harder on the defense.

We saw the same things from DeShone Kizer. He makes too many questionable decisions, and he misses far too many slam-dunk throws for my money. He was benched again, this time for Cody Kessler. Kessler came in and did some positive things, but he also threw a pick and struggled to move the ball. The Browns have quarterback issues. Big surprise, right? What is a surprise is that stalwart tackle Joe Thomas—who had previously never missed a snap—appears to have suffered a serious triceps injury. That's only going to make things harder on the Browns offensively moving forward.

Yahoo Sports - No. 32 (no change)

Either start DeShone Kizer and live with the rookie mistakes or don’t start him. Don’t pull him after two (admittedly bad) interceptions. I want to preach patience with this coaching staff, but instead of a few signs of optimism, it’s going the other way.

Pro Football Focus - No. 32 (no change)

Associated Press - No. 32 (no change)

Listed below is a summary table of where teams in the AFC North are ranked this week.

Bengals Browns Ravens Steelers
CBS Sports
28 32 27 2
ESPN 26 32 25 4 24 32 28 3
Bleacher Report 23 32 26 2
Yahoo Sports 25 32 24 4
Pro Football Focus
15 32 26 4
Associated Press 26 32 25 3
(down 2.0)
(down 2.3)
(up 1.2)