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Cleveland Browns Podcast - The DBN Network Mid-Season Review

With Ezweav & Manly and Loving It

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This seemed as good a time as any, and with the soirée to London where our beloved (r)orange helmets will be taking on the Minnesota Vikings coming up Sunday morning, we decided to call this the middle of the year before officially becoming 0-8, and we do that with this Mid-Season Review.

I don’t mean to be needlessly pessimistic or anything, but you’ve seen this team. We’re going across an ocean against a good team that is also substantially more experienced than us. Oh and Myles Garrett won’t be playing and Joe Thomas is done for the year. That’s the sound of any remaining hope you may have had exiting the room.

However, it’s not all bad out there. In the first place, our friend Manly and Loving it has returned out of nowhere after being on something of a football hiatus for about the last year. Prior to that, he was very regular here, so what we’ve endeavored to do here is go over pretty much everything that has happened since about the end of the 2016 up until now. It’s actually a lot of stuff, and by the time we finished it really served to be a good midseason point to look at the progress we’ve made, and it hasn’t been nothing.

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