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Cleveland Browns suffer heartbreaking loss to Green Bay Packers in Overtime: 27 - 21

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Cleveland Browns USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers started strong, scoring on their first possession with a 30 yd pass to Jamal Williams. The Browns responded promptly with a strong drive capped by a strong catch by Josh Gordon in the end zone:

The Browns defense was stout for the next two quarters, and the Browns offense continued churning. Duke Johnson scored from a creative option play:

However when Cleveland had the ball with just over two minutes remaining, they failed to produce any points; Kizer threw an interception with under 30 seconds on the clock.

Cleveland started strong in the 3rd quarter, adopting a ground ‘n pound offense.

After a 37 yd scamper by Crowell, DeShonne Kizer threw a bullet to Corey Coleman to take the lead 21-7.

While things were looking up for Cleveland, Green Bay started their long road to redemption. Green Bay drove to score on a short TD run at the beginning at the 4th quarter:

The Browns and Packers were both stymied for the remainder of the 4th quarter, until with 2:37 left Cleveland Special Teams allowed the following punt return:

This drive culminated in a GB TD pass to Davante Adams. After receiving the ball left with 17 seconds on the clock, Hue Jackson opted to take a knee rather than take a chance at scoring points.

Cleveland won the coin toss in Overtime, which gave DeShonne Kizer the opportunity to make the following pass:

After giving Josh Jones his first ever NFL interception, Green Bay was able to capitalize on their outstanding field position to score a TD and put the Browns away: 27 - 21