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Cleveland Browns dominated by Baltimore Ravens: 27-10

Cleveland commits 4 turnovers in uninspiring loss to the Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Cleveland lost in an embarrassing fashion to the Baltimore Ravens, committing 4 turnovers - including one in each end zone.

Cleveland won the coin toss to start the game, and opted to defer giving Baltimore the ball for the first quarter. Cleveland’s soft defense allowed Baltimore to execute a 6 minute drive into the red zone, however the Browns held the Ravens to a Field Goal.

Throughout the quarter, Cleveland was unable to generate any offensive momentum. After two 3-and-outs, DeShone Kizer ended the third drive with an interception by Baltimore Safety Eric Weddle

At the start of the second quarter, the Ravens had the ball deep in Browns territory. After pushing to the 5 yard line, the Browns defense held them on four straight plays, and forced a turnover on downs with an excellent one-on-one stop by James Burgess.

On the first play following this stop, Isaiah Crowell ripped a 59-yd run from the Cleveland 5 into Baltimore territory.

After some opportunistic running by DeShonne Kizer, Duke finished the drive with a TD run to the left. The drive went for a total of 96 yds - all of which were rushing.

Baltimore responded, easily driving down the field scoring on a QB draw.

Cleveland attempted a drive with under three minutes remaining, however a Duke Johnson fumble led to a quick TD pass to Ben Watson.

Cleveland responded with a reasonably well executed FG drive with under a minute available. At halftime, the score was 17 - 10, Baltimore.

The Browns received the kick in the 3rd quarter, however were unable to get any momentum on offense. After a couple good defensive stands, the Browns fielded a punt inside the 5 yard line. On the very next play, Kizer was strip-sacked, and Baltimore recovered the ball in the end zone to extend their lead to 24-10.

On their ensuing drive, Cleveland drove to midfield, and failed with a QB sneak on 4th and 2. Baltimore took advantage of their field position to close out the quarter with a Field Goal - taking the lead 27-10.

Cleveland had two drives in the 4th quarter- one of which terminated with an interception in the end zone, and the other was a 3 and out. Baltimore held onto the ball for the rest of the game and Cleveland lost by a score of 27-10.