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Cleveland Browns Podcast - BRAND NEW To the DBN Network: Hittin’ The Showers

With Manly and Loving It & Ezweav

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Ok so you have every right to be skeptical - I am and I’m participating. Nevertheless, the newest of what we do on the ‘ol Network involves combining two existing hosts into a different (from each’s) program, and we call it Hittin’ The Showers. As this is the brainchild (and 100% creative baby) of Manly and Loving it, I’ll allow him to break it down:

We have a new show on the DBN Network that we hope you are going to enjoy. You should already be familiar with the two fellas involved, so hopefully you want to hear more from them. Join host Manly and Loving It, along with his co-host Ezweav (This is important to note. Manly is the host. EZ can shut his trap when Manly is talking) as they discuss the week’s Browns news, review the state of the team, and talk about whatever else (host) Manly and Loving It wants to talk about, on Hittin’ the Showers, the show that answers the question, “how much of these guys is too much?”

This inaugural episode has Manly speaking with his subordinate Ezweav about several topics:

Ezweav isn’t exactly an optimist

Hue Jackson

The Iron Bowl (War Eagle)

Alabama fans are the worst

Kizer/drafting a QB

Jabrill Peppers

The 2013 Draft

And more! (I can’t remember what exactly)

Yep. To hear for yourself, click on the link at the top of the page. You could also hit the widget in between the article and comments’ section (of not just this be every DBN article). You could also go here:

Let us know what you think (which very much includes voicing your displeasure) in the comments’ section below. As you can plainly hear, any village half-wit can do this so by all means, if you’d like to try to claim the mantle of this particular village’s full-wit, send me an email: I can’t wait to hear from you.

Thanks for listening!

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