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Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Week 17 TV Listings

How can you watch the Browns vs. Steelers game on television this week?

The Week 17 game between the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers will air on CBS at 1:00 PM ET. The game will be called by Spero Dedes and Adam Archuleta.

The cities shaded in blue are scheduled to show the Browns vs. Steelers game. That includes all of Ohio, and a pocket of other states to the southeast.

This week, there will be no Sunday Night Football game, because the NFL believed it would give an unfair competitive advantage to certain teams, given the scenarios that remain. There are no “win and in” games for both teams. Everyone will get to see two CBS and two FOX games this week.

Note: Coverage areas are subject to change. The map is from; click here to see all of their NFL coverage maps this week.


  • Sunday - 1:00 PM ET: Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (CBS)
  • Sunday - 1:00 PM ET: Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings (FOX)
  • Sunday - 4:25 PM ET: Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens (CBS)
  • Sunday - 4:25 PM ET: Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons (FOX)

We will have open threads on DBN for all Browns and prime time games.