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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: Ez Does It (Postgame) 12/3/17

Browns Lose To The Chargers

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Today our beloved (r)orange helmets did what they do best, as the Cleveland Browns fall to 0-12 on the 2017 campaign, loosing to the Los Angeles Chargers of Carson by a final of 19-10. I do my level-best to provide something in the way of “reasoned” analysis in the weekly post-game wrap-up of Ez Does It:

  • Clock management is seriously harshing my mellow
  • The play calling is getting to be a problem. I’m talking about the defense
  • Josh Gordon’s return smothered by Casey Heyward’s tremendous (and emotional) day
  • Myles Garrett and why he’s worth it so far
  • David Njoku is ridiculously tough
  • Kizer’s positives, and not
  • How the season seems to realistically shake out
  • What our options will be in the postseason

There’s also a touching anecdote about Brett Favre’s legendary performance the day after his father died, as compared to Casey Heyward’s day today. Giver a listen by hitting the player at the top of the screen. You could also use the widget located just between the article and comments’ section (and not just this article - every DBN article). Or, just go here:

Appreciate all feedback and you can do so in the comments’ section below, or for a more personal gripe (or better yet - to inquire about doing your own thing here on the ‘Network) send me an email:

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