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Cleveland Browns Podcast - Next Up On The DBN Network: Ez Does It (Postgame) 12/31/17

The Season Mercifully Comes To An End

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For a team that had basically no expectations placed on it heading into the year, the Cleveland Browns still managed to post the most disappointing season in club history, frittering away yet another winnable game today to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 28-24, and I get into it on Ez Does it:

  • Really, really mad
  • Missed Tackles
  • Hue Jackson and his clock management
  • The amazingly terrible rookie year of DeShone Kizer
  • We couldn’t even beat Pittsburgh’s backups
  • Now that this peskiness is aside, we can concentrate on the Draft
  • Our options at every position
  • Yes, even I would fire Hue (which it appears we are not about to do).

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