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Jimmy Haslam: Hue Jackson will return to coach Browns in 2018

Hue hasn’t lost his magic, says Haslam. That must be one heck of a spell he has him under.

New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

When Jimmy Haslam fired Sashi Brown and hired John Dorsey to be the new general manager of the Cleveland Browns, the owner made the unusual decision to already announce that head coach Hue Jackson would return to coach the team in 2018.

Many fans hoped that Dorsey would be able to convince Haslam otherwise in the mean time, especially since Jackson’s club just went 0-16. After Sunday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, though, Haslam doubled down on his commitment to Jackson, telling reporters that he “doesn’t think Hue has lost [his] magic.”

Future Hall of Fame left tackle Joe Thomas also vouched for Jackson to Haslam:

Haslam also threw in a bit of a dig toward former Executive VP of Football Operations Sashi Brown. When asked about the difference between fixing things heading into last offseason and then fixing things heading into this offseason, Haslam said the difference is that they now have John Dorsey.

How do you like it, Browns fans? Cleveland is 1-31 during Jackson’s reign, has shown very poor coaching skills and game management decisions, but Haslam still believes he has the magic. He must, because that’s one hell of a spell that he has the owner under.