Trump Stakes Going Up as Mueller Gets to the Meaty Part

Here's a thread to discuss developments in the going investigation of Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election. We've already got what looks like a tight enough case on obstruction of justice that the president's lawyers are questioning whether what's generally considered illegal is still illegal when a President does it. But it takes a big 'ol turn today towards the home stretch with the reporting that Mueller has subpoenaed financial records from DeutscheBank, the German banking conglomerate that reportedly has provided much of Trump organization's financing since American banks basically stopped dealing with him after the bankruptcies of the 80's and 90's and then completely since the 2008 mortgage crisis.

It's pretty easy to string together a series of coincidences that would point towards an ugly story

- DeutscheBank is the most Russia-connected of the western banks and has paid 600 million in fines for laundering embezzled Russian money through international (especially Manhattan) real estate

-alleged (and disputed) statements from Trump Jr. in 2014 that the organization gets "all the financing it needs from Russia," undisputed 2008 statements from him that Russian interests represented "a disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,"

- Trump's various real-estate dealings with Felix Sater, a Russian immigrant mafia-connected convict-turned-informer

- the abrupt settlement 2 days before trial of a 2013 DOJ case regarding Russian money laundering through pricey Manhattan real estate, a settlement occurring directly after Trump fired the DOJ official that brought the case, Preet Bharara,

- the fact that this case that happened to involve the same Russian "lawyer" that wanted to discuss "adoptions" with Trump Jr. in the meeting offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Overall, more smoke than would be comfortable for a Josh Gordon hotbox session. Does Mueller find the fire? Does Trump try to fire him? Stay tuned!!

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