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John Dorsey Hired As Browns General Manager

That was quick

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

It did not take long for Jimmy and Dee Haslam to fill the void left by the removal of Sashi Brown. Earlier today it was revealed the Haslams have been looking at potential candidates, including Dorsey, for at least a month. This roughly coincides with the failed AJ McCarron trade, which could mean that episode was the final straw for Brown. Given the speed with which Dorsey was hired and the fact that this occurred midseason, it seems likely they made the move to fire Brown as soon as Dorsey was locked up. Here is the official statement from the Haslams:

And a statement from Dorsey:

I am not a fan of firing Brown at all, but the team could do much worse than Dorsey as a replacement. He most recently acted as GM for the Chiefs, arriving along with Andy Reid and presiding over a four year period of success before shockingly getting the boot in June. He also has extensive experience in the Packers front office, and supposedly played a big role in the selection of Aaron Rodgers. For those wondering why the Chiefs would let a guy like that go, apparently he built a reputation for being impulsive and disorganized, according to an Albert Breer article from earlier this year. Be sure to read the full piece for a Kevin Hogan cameo.

Regardless of the circumstances that led to his ouster in KC, it’s hard to argue with his results. If the Haslams were intent on ditching Sashi Brown and keeping Hue Jackson, this is at least a decent replacement. It will be interesting to see how the relationship between Jackson and Dorsey develops.