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MMQB: Peter King on the QB-needy teams, including the Browns

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Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

In today’s edition of Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King goes through the long list of quarterbacks who are expected to be available via free agency, a trade package, or the draft. He also discusses all of the quarterback-needy teams and which direction they might be headed.

The list of needy teams include Cleveland, San Francisco, Chicago, the New York Jets, Los Angeles Chargers, Buffalo, Arizona, Washington, Houston, and Kansas City. When it comes to the Browns, King believes they absolutely have to add a quarterback this offseason, and that Hue Jackson needs to be willing to “pay through the nose if there is a quarterback he loves.”

The scenarios? If he loves Jimmy Garoppolo, give up the No. 12 pick and another high pick. If he loves A.J. McCarron, try giving up one or more of the No. 33, No. 51, and No. 65 picks. And lastly, if there is a quarterback in the draft that he loves, such as Mitch Trubisky, then take him with the No. 1 overall pick. The bottom line that King is conveying is that if Jackson believes in someone, then no price is too much:

The Browns have to get a quarterback this off-season, and the quarterback can’t be an RG3-type placeholder or a Cody Kessler-shot-in-the-dark guess. I’m guessing the Browns inquire on Garoppolo and get rebuffed—unless they offer the 12th overall pick plus another high pick. At this stage, the Browns lead the league in high picks acquired, and it’s gotten them to the bottom of the league. Now it’s time to pay through the nose if there’s a quarterback Jackson loves. Then we come to the college guys. If Trubisky’s the guy, just take him first overall, as crazy as it sounds. But if Jackson is lukewarm on the top collegians, he likes McCarron a lot (he coached him as a Bengal rookie), and can fall back on him. He’ll just have to overpay, because Cincinnati owner Mike Brown does not want to trade him. The Browns have the 33rd, 51st and 65th picks to play with if McCarron’s their man.

The predicament the Browns will be in is that I think they can add a couple of key defensive players with the first two picks and potentially still get a quarterback they really like. But, then again, if there is a quarterback you think can be a franchise-defining quarterback, then why would you ever risk the chance of another team swooping in to get him? Given the number of quarterback-needy teams, it’s bound to happen.