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Cleveland Browns RFA Review: CB Marcus Burley

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New York Giants v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Our preview on the Browns’ restricted free agents continues with CB Marcus Burley.

How and When He Joined the Browns: After spending the previous couple of seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, Burley was claimed off waivers from the Seahawks just before the start of the 2016 regular season.

Productivity Level Last Season: Burley played a reserve role with the Browns last year, primarily on special teams. In 12 games, he logged 8 tackles and 1 pass defended.

Why Keeping Him Could Make Sense: The Browns parted ways with veteran CB Tramon Williams this offseason, and Burley has been around since 2013. If Cleveland is looking for a cheap, semi-experienced veteran, then Burley could be their guy.

What the Browns Should Do: Burley has been playing on minimum contracts during his career. The Browns could tender him at $1.8 million and later release him without consequence, since the tenders are non-guaranteed. However, if they want Burley back and don’t feel other teams will make it a pressing matter to pursue him, they would seem better served to let him become a free agent, and then re-sign him for the veteran minimum.

Personally, I’m content with Joe Haden, Jamar Taylor, and Briean Boddy-Calhoun as the initial trio for Cleveland to begin 2017. They have last year’s draft pick, Trey Caldwell, who could have a role this year, and they’ll probably add a cornerback somewhere else too. I’d just let Burley become and stay a free agent.

Let us know below whether or not the team should try to tender or re-sign Marcus Burley!