Cleveland Browns 2017 NFL Mock Draft 7 Rds.

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The Browns will make the 1st selection (Will it be another TX A&M guy!?) of the 2017 NFL Draft (unless they trade down) in 77 days 5 hours 16 minutes and 35 seconds. To pass the time I usually conduct my own NFL Mock drafts using an NFL Draft simulator on This simulator allows you to use the draft big boards from places like CBS, Bleacher Report, NFL Mocks, and DraftTek.

I am not a member on the website so I cannot trade draft picks like the Browns most likely will. My most current mock draft assumes that we make all of our selections in the current slots that our picks currently are located in. Please feel free to comment your opinions and or criticism's of this mock!

My thinking while conducting this mock... (CBS Big Board)

1. This draft is loaded with CB/S talent and the Browns have one of the worst secondaries in the NFL. With a declining Joe Haden, solid rookie contributions from Briean Boddy-Calhoun, an average at best CB in Jamar Taylor, and a revolving door at Safety, I focused a lot on the back end of our defense to give Gregg Williams some young DB's to mold.

2. I am not sold on the QB's in this draft. If one of the big guns dropped to no. 12 I would consider it, however, next years draft class will have a lot of quality QB's to take. Even if we have one of the best drafts of all time we still will most likely be picking in the top 10 again next year. (Plus I do think we will trade a pick for a QB or sign someone like Tyrod Taylor instead of drafting a young QB)

3. With the resigning of Jamie Collins, another year for the young guys (Ogbah, Nassib), the emergence of Christian Kirksey and Danny Shelton, and the hopeful return of Desmond Bryant, I wanted to provide some depth for the Gregg Williams led defense with several edge rushers who can provide some athleticism to the D-Line.

4. With Joe Thomas and Joel Bitonio anchoring the left side of the O-Line next year, the right side still has a couple of question marks that need to be answered. Will the Browns move Cameron Irving to RT? Will John Greco be the starting Right Guard? Who will play Center? Will the Browns resign Austin Pasztor? I do believe the Browns will try and use some of their cap-space to sign a FA OL, however, it looks like their will be slim pickings to choose from.

5. The Browns will franchise Pryor who will be the undoubted leader of the offense again. He will be the no. 1 WR on this roster and hopefully continue to improve like he did this past season. Corey Coleman, I firmly believe, will prove why the Browns made him their first pick as a new regime. I am biased as I am a graduate of Baylor University and saw him close up when I was there as a student. He needs to improve how he comes off the LOS but with another year of coaching and NFL training I believe we will see a much more polished WR who no doubt has the speed and agility to make a lot of good things happen when he has the ball. That being said we have some weapons on the Offensive side of the ball to work with and with another year of coaching and working in the same scheme we will see some more contributions from the receivers we drafted last year and maybe some of the weapons I take in this mock.

Here is who I took...

(Rd. 1 Pick 1) Myles Garrett (DE) (TX A&M)

(Rd. 1 Pick 12) Marshon Lattimore (CB) (Ohio State)

(Rd. 2 Pick 1) Budda Baker (S) (Washington)

(Rd. 2 Pick 20) Adoree Jackson (CB) (USC)

(Rd. 3 Pick 1) Ethan Pocic (C/OT) (LSU)

(Rd. 4 Pick 1) Donta Foreman (RB) (Texas)

(Rd. 4 Pick 36) Devonte Fields (OLB) (Louisville)

(Rd. 5 Pick 1) K.D. Cannon (WR) (Baylor)

(Rd. 5 Pick 31) Jalen Myrick (CB) (Minnesota)

(Rd. 5 Pick 35) Jeremy Sprinkle (TE) (Arkansas)

(Rd. 6 Pick 1) Ejuan Price (LB) (Pittsburgh)

You never know when/where a lot of these guys are going to go as many teams have a lot of these players graded in different rounds... so once you get past the 1st and 2nd round(s) its kind of a crap shoot. However, I tried to take players in reasonable slots when I did this mock draft.

One can dream that maybe this is the draft class that brings the Browns back as a legitimate title contender! Until then it is only a dream...

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