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Browns reportedly show interest in comeback attempt for CB Josh Hill

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp

If Larry Sanders can come back to the NBA with a Cleveland team after several years out of the league, then why can’t an NFL player do the same for a Cleveland team?

This is a bit of an odd story, but on Monday, Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reported that cornerback Josh Hill is drawing interest from the Packers and Browns:

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve never heard of Hill, who went to Cal and was undrafted in 2013. He spent an offseason with the Arizona Cardinals, but after they released him, he’s been...semi-retired I suppose? He’s trying to make a comeback to the NFL now, but usually a statement like that is reserved for players who have some form of tenure in the league.

We’ll see if Cleveland just had a passing interest, or if they actually end up bringing Hill in for a visit or workout.