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Translating Hue Jackson’s comments on QB Brock Osweiler

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Is it possible that we actually get to see QB Brock Osweiler in a Cleveland Browns uniform? Yes...but not likely. When head coach Hue Jackson was quoted on Sunday as saying that Osweiler was going to “come in and compete,” though, that was a fun quote for many outlets to run with and take more to heart than it is likely worth.

There is a full interview with Jackson scheduled to air on the NFL Network’s Path to the Draft show today. Jackson was asked if Osweiler would be part of the Browns this year, and this was his response:

"He is. Obviously, he's a player on our team and we're going to treat him just like we do all of our other quarterbacks until he's not. ... He's a guy that's gonna come in and compete. We haven't had an opportunity to meet with him from a football standpoint because of the rules. But once we start our offseason program, phase one, we'll get a chance to know him and he'll get to know us."

Phase one of those workouts can begin for the Browns on April 17, but will be limited to conditioning-type drills. That is before the NFL Draft, which takes place April 27-29 and serves as a potential date in which Cleveland could deal Osweiler. If they can’t find a trade suitor, then can always cut him if they find their quarterback in the draft. Until they do cut him, there’s no particular harm in keeping his contract on the roster.

Back to Jackson’s quote, he usually, as most head coaches do, talks in coach-speak vs. roster moves. And yet, despite talking in coach-speak, he still led with “we’ll treat him as a QB until he’s gone” quote. Coaches don’t usually throw in that secondary part — they usually just leave it at the vagueness of, “Everyone who is on the roster will have a chance to compete.”

How Cleveland plays the Osweiler situation could evolve over time, but Jackson’s quotes do not indicate that their plans with him have significantly changed.