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2017 SB Nation Writers NFL Mock Draft - Cleveland Browns Take QB Mitchell Trubisky at No. 12

NCAA Football: James Madison at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The annual SB Nation Writers Mock Draft has been continuing over at our network's draft coverage stream. The way it works is that each NFL blog picks a player for their team when their site is on the clock. With the first overall pick, I made the easy decision to select DE Myles Garrett.

When I was on the clock at No. 12 overall, two candidates stood out in a major way, but I knew it would be a much more divided situation for fans because people prefer different quarterbacks, and some people don’t prefer a quarterback that early at all. One thing to remember is that a trade down or trade up was not an option in this mock draft.

Here is how the picks went leading up to No. 12, as well as the fan voting results from each poll. (In parenthesis is the average voting rank given on Mocking the Draft by voters -- 1 = F; 2 = D; 3 = C; 4 = B; 5 = A)

  1. Cleveland: DE Myles Garrett (4.65)
  2. San Francisco: S Malik Hooker (3.93)
  3. Chicago: QB Deshaun Watson (3.32)
  4. Jacksonville: DE Solomon Thomas (4.15)
  5. Tennessee: CB Marshon Lattimore (4.20)
  6. New York Jets: S Jamal Adams (4.13)
  7. LA Chargers: DL Malik McDowell (2.71)
  8. Carolina: TE O.J. Howard (3.79)
  9. Cincinnati: RB Leonard Fournette (3.80)
  10. Buffalo: WR Corey Davis (4.27)
  11. New Orleans: DE Derek Barnett (4.38)

And Cleveland’s pick at No. 12?

No. 12 - QB Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina

The Cleveland Browns bolstered their offensive line significantly in free agency. After taking Myles Garrett with the first overall pick, I was surprised to see DL Jonathan Allen still available at No. 12. I was compelled to consider going over the top with regard to improving the defensive side of the trenches too by taking both Garrett and Allen and then waiting for the best available quarterback at No. 33 overall.

However, I think the quarterback market will be hot on draft day, and if there is a belief that a guy can be your franchise quarterback, waiting 21 more picks and hoping he’s still there doesn’t mesh with the belief that the player is a franchise-caliber quarterback. I know the same can be said for then why didn’t you take him at No. 1, but that speaks to the extremely high level of a prospect that Garrett is valued at. From a fan interest perspective, Trubisky is a player who the entire city of Cleveland can instantly get behind due to his local roots.

To see what Dan Kadar thought of our pick (and what people are saying in the comments section), go here. The voting has us at a grade of 3.58 right now — that’s the third lowest mark in the Top 12, but I think a lower rating is to be expected when you take a quarterback that isn’t an Andrew Luck type.

If you feel the pick should be rated higher (or lower), feel free to head on over and vote! I will be back on the clock at No. 33 overall.