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2017 Browns DBN Big Board, Vote for Slots 1-5

2014 NFL Draft Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

It's time to kick off the first round of voting for the 2017 Browns' DBN Big Board! Remember that you are supposed to weigh a combination of talent, need, character, positional value, etc. for each player you vote for in relation to how they would fit with the Browns.

Compiling the Big Board: 1-5 Slots

Treat this like a realistic scenario if you were in the Browns draft room, looking at your big board that aligns with the Browns. For example, you might value quarterback as the No. 1 spot on the Browns' big board because of need and talent, but if you were doing the Patriots' big board, quarterback wouldn't be nearly the same premium.

The list of 25 players in the poll were mostly taken from CBS Sports. If there are any players you wanted to vote for but who were missing from the list, please let us know in the comments section so we can include them in the next round. Voting for the first round will be open for a couple of days.

Please vote only once.