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Toledo RB Kareem Hunt talked with Browns at NFL Combine

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

QB Mitch Trubisky isn’t the only local player with the dream of playing for his hometown team: RB Kareem Hunt shares those ambitions. Here is what the Toledo running back said about possibly playing for the Browns during an interview at the NFL Combine on Thursday:

“It’d mean a lot. I would be home and just be able to play and enjoy my time at home and just have a lot of supporters and family out there, and it’d be a huge experience.”

He also said that he still follows the Browns closely:

“Oh, yeah, always. I’m going to be a Browns fan till I die. I’ve been a Browns fan growing up, I’ll be a Browns fan till I’m done playing football.”

Hunt might not have run the 40-time as fast as he would’ve liked, coming in at around 4.66 and 4.62 during his two runs. He showed off some of the quick moves that forced a lot of defenders to miss tackles, though, and Phil Savage thought he was among the Top 3 of running backs who impressed him:

Hunt’s projected value right now seems to be anywhere between rounds 2-3.

Even though the Browns have a good tandem in RB Isaiah Crowell and RB Duke Johnson, Cleveland is still doing their ground work on running backs, including Hunt. Hunt talked about his meetings with Cleveland, including how he was going to meet with the club formally this past Thursday night. Here are some other quotes that Hunt shared while at the Combine:

(Worked with Earnest Byner. What did he do for you?): "Honestly, Earnest Byner’s a great coach and he was a browns back for a long time. I just feel he taught me a lot about the game, just about reading defenses, drawing up defenses, doing all that stuff. He gave me a lot of great info and he’s just a guy who really wants the best. He actually gave me a text earlier this morning, he just wants the best and I appreciate everything he’s done."

(How did he do in blitz pickup?): "There’s some little things I can work on there, just keeping my head up. It’s just will, I really don’t give up sacks and I’m going to stick my head in there and do my best. It might not always be the prettiest, but I’m going to get the job done, trust me."

(What will the coaches and scouts be surprised about when they see you?): "I feel it will be my athleticism. I feel I’m a guy who is very explosive. I run faster than people think and I believe I’m going to jump and test well. That’s what I do."