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DE Myles Garrett meeting with Browns tonight, will apologize even though he doesn’t need to

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago, Mike Silver of the NFL Network said that he was almost positive that the Cleveland Browns will do the no-brainer thing at No. 1 overall, which is to take DE Myles Garrett. Saturday night, the Browns will formally meet with Garrett at the NFL Combine, where the defensive end plans to apologize to Cleveland for the Cowboys-Browns joke that ESPN filmed a couple of months ago:

We’ve already discussed how much people over-reacted to the original story, so I’m sure Cleveland won’t even spend more than a handful of seconds talking about it with Garrett — although they might ask him what he learned about the situation, and the correct answer would be that for public relations reasons, you always need to be mindful of what you say and how it can be interpreted by the masses.

Garrett also scored some bonus points with me by saying that because he’s a big Peyton Manning fan, if he could sack any one quarterback, it would be Tom Brady. He also talked about playing for Cleveland and it being a cold weather city:

(What is it about you that could help Cleveland?): "I feel like I’m a playmaker so I’m not going to have to worry about that. I feel like I’m going to bring some work ethic into practice and into the weight room that will change things around there, and maybe be a voice of leadership that can help swing things."

(Can you explain saying you don't want to play in a cold weather city?): "Me just being who I am. Joke around, being lighthearted, don’t mean to offend anybody. I crack a joke every now and then but I’ll play for anybody."

(You don't think the cold would bother you?): "No. I’ve played in 30 degrees, 20 degrees, out here, down in Texas. It doesn’t really matter to me."

Garrett also discussed what he feels the skills a defensive lineman being taken No. 1 overall should have:

(How good does a defensive lineman have to be to be worth a No. 1 overall pick?): "You have to be a game-changer. You have to be able to turn the tide of a game at any given time. Somebody who, when it’s third-and-15 and maybe it’s the fourth quarter and we need a stop to get the ball back, they put you in and say you’re the guy. That’s how good you have to be."

During the bench press, Garrett put up an impressive 33 reps: