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OG Dan Feeney talks about Browns’ playing cards test during NFL Combine meeting

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns met with Indiana OG Dan Feeney during the NFL Combine. Feeney is listed as the top offensive guard in this year’s class, although it is as a late-first or second round pick. The Browns could be looking to fill one of their guard positions this year, as John Greco is coming off an injury, Austin Pasztor could be a free agent, and Spencer Drango is still a question mark.

The interesting story that came out of Feeney’s meeting with the Browns is his revelation of how the session went, as relayed:

"You expect to go in there and talk about your offense, or learn their offense, and here's a guy with a deck of cards and you're like, 'Hey man are we playing blackjack or something?' It's definitely something different," Feeney said Thursday.

Feeney said the card game involved a simple method a memorizing cards, flipping them over, then remembering which cards were which after shuffling them around. "I messed up on a couple," Feeney said. "But it was cool. It was something different."

One other report speculated that Cleveland could have been testing his memory due to concussion concerns. Here are some other quotes from Feeney during his interview Thursday at the Combine:

(On sense of whether teams are thinking guard or tackle for him): "Uh, everyone’s kind of up in the air, a little bit different. Probably interior more than tackle, but I’ll play anywhere. It doesn’t really matter to me."

(On whether teams are looking at him more to play in power scheme): "It’s hard to say right now. I can adapt to anything. We ran power at Indiana. We ran zone at Indiana. We ran ISO. So I can adapt to anything. I got a good solid base of pro-style and spread, so I think I can adapt to any offense I get into."