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La Canfora: Browns’ have interest in QB Tyrod Taylor, still pushing to retain WR Terrelle Pryor

NFL: Super Bowl LI-Radio Row John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Cleveland Browns will have “significant interest” in QB Tyrod Taylor if the Buffalo Bills opt to let him become a free agent. La Canfora also adds that the Browns are “continuing to try to push” in their efforts to re-sign WR Terrelle Pryor:

League sources said the Browns have significant interest in Taylor as a free agent. Taylor has strong ties to some on the Browns staff already and if/when he hits the open market I would be shocked if the Browns don’t make a real push for him. Many in the league believe that’s where he will end up -- he’s young and athletic and protects the football and has upside. That would allow the Browns to take the two best players available with their two first-round picks -- beginning with Myles Garrett first overall. The Browns also continue to try to push to retain pending free agent receiver Terrelle Pryor to have some weapons for the new QB.

The insider forums of The OBR have been hinting at the Browns’ interest in Taylor, something which insider Lane Adkins subtly pointed out on Twitter after La Canfora’s version of the story was published: