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Browns' three-round mock draft between Mel Kiper & Todd McShay

2007 NFL Draft Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Thursday night, ESPN's Mel Kiper and Todd McShay got together and did a three-round, alternating mock draft between the two of them (Insider). The tone of this particular mock draft is supposed to be more interesting. In each of their regular/individual mock drafts, Kiper and McShay might shuffle players around to come out with a first round that appeases everybody or is a general crowd-pleaser. For this alternating mock draft, Kiper and McShay acted like they were truly on the clock with each pick, with incorporates a greater sense of realism into the mock draft.

Here is how things went down for the Browns' draft picks:

First Round

1. DE Myles Garrett - Mel Kiper - “No-brainer. Garrett is the best prospect in this class, a superb pass-rusher and rare talent.”

12. QB Mitchell Trubisky - Todd McShay - “Trubisky's mobility and arm strength give him a lot of upside. I'd draft him here in a heartbeat, but would not even consider playing him from day one. He needs to sit and learn after starting just 13 college games.”

Second Round

33. RB Dalvin Cook - Mel Kiper - “After snagging a franchise pass-rusher and a high-ceiling quarterback in the first round, I'm giving Trubisky some help here and going with Cook. He's a dynamic runner who will help in the passing game.”

52. CB Jourdan Lewis - Todd McShay - “Lewis' off-field troubles remain unresolved, but purely as a football player, he's one of the most naturally instinctive cover corners we've studied in years.”

Third Round

65. S Marcus Williams - Mel Kiper - “The Browns get a super athletic center fielder to patrol the middle of the field.”

We recently highlighted individual three-round mock drafts from both Kiper and McShay. What is kind of unusual is that in their individual mocks, Kiper had Lewis going to Cleveland, and McShay had Williams going to Cleveland. Both players come to Cleveland in their alternating mocks, but it was flipped in terms of which analyst had them going to Cleveland.

The “miss” in this alternating mock is a running back at No. 33 overall. Unless Cleveland feels RB Isaiah Crowell has no chance of returning after this year, he’s already a good enough back compared to the more pressing defensive needs this team needs now.

The final interesting note is that McShay grabbed Trubisky at No. 12. In his individual three-round mock, he had Trubisky falling to Cleveland at No. 33. So that tells me that while he thought No. 33 made for a better story, when push comes to shove, if he’s “on the clock” as he was here, he’s pulling the trigger on Trubisky sooner rather than later.