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Adam Schefter doubles down that QB Jimmy Garoppolo won’t be traded to Browns (or anyone else)

New England Patriots Victory Parade Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

As the 2017 NFL Draft draws ever-so-closer, the speculation on whether QB Jimmy Garoppolo could be dealt has been re-kindling a bit. However, one of the league’s top two most prominent reporters is doubling down on his report from February that the Patriots will not trade Garappolo:

For what it’s worth, Michael Lombardi responded to Schefter’s tweet with a “no.” When a fan asked Lombardi to clarify what that meant, he said “[Garappolo] is not getting traded.”

I will admit that in some of the draft preview coverage this week, I was tempted to write about me re-buying into the possibility of Garappolo becoming a member of the Browns this week. However, the fact that Schefter is doubling down on his original report kind of kills that thought again.