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Browns trade out of No. 12 overall, acquire extra 1st round pick in 2018 from Texans

2017 NFL Draft Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans were business partners again, this time while the Browns were on the clock at No. 12 overall.

Sadly, the trade means that the Browns passed on the opportunity to take the likes of S Malik Hooker, QB Deshaun Watson, and TE O.J. Howard. I’m particularly bummed about missing out on Hooker. But the Texans drafted Watson, so that means Cleveland did not have any intent of drafting him, otherwise they would have.

Here are the details of the trade:


  • 1st Round Pick: No. 25 overall (in 2017)
  • 1st Round Pick: Houston’s pick in 2018


  • 1st Round Pick: No. 12 overall (in 2017), used to select Watson.

This means that next year, the Browns own the Texans’ first and second round picks, thanks to the previous deal in which Cleveland absorbed QB Brock Osweiler. The Browns have two first-round picks and three second-round picks in 2018.