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Recap: Browns take QB DeShone Kizer, DT Larry Ogunjobi on Day 2 of NFL Draft

NFL Draft - Red Carpet Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The one thing fans will no doubt remember about Day 2 of the Cleveland Browns2017 NFL Draft? They drafted their next attempt at a “quarterback of the future.” After an impressive Day 1 haul of three first-rounders, here are the two players the Browns landed on Day 2:

After Hall of Fame RB Jim Brown helped deliver the good news to DE Myles Garrett in Berea on Thursday, he was on stage in Philly on Friday to do the same for Kizer:

This has been a wild offseason with respect to the quarterback position. We’ve seen rumors about tons of veteran quarterbacks (Jimmy Garoppolo, Kirk Cousins, A.J. McCarron). We released Josh McCown and Robert Griffin III, but traded for Brock Osweiler and kind of still have him. The team scouted the top quarterbacks in the draft left and right with fans each picking a favorite. When they weren’t able to land any in the first round, there was a disheartening feeling among some.

But then Kizer remained available, and at No. 52, the Browns truly ended up letting a quarterback come to them. I like the pick because he has a lot of potential, but the team did not have to break any bank or mortgage any assets for him. If Kizer is a complete 100% bust, then guess what? The Browns will still have two first-round picks and three second-round picks in 2018 to do something about it.

As for Ogunjobi, he’s a good depth piece for now who will hopefully be much better than a guy like Xavier Cooper was. Some are speculating that it could also signify that the team will be in a 4-3 look a lot more this season. We already know that Gregg Williams won’t really have a defined defense in terms of alignment. Here is a video of Ogunjobi working intensely this past week:

The DBN Big Board

I personally did not have Kizer nor Ogunjobi on my Top 50 big boards, but that doesn’t mean I despise the picks. With those exercises, after the Top 40, it’s really hard to predict things. And with all of my preferred defensive backs already gone by No. 52, I was open to Kizer.

Kizer was actually the No. 34 ranked player on our cumulative big board heading into the draft. He was as high as No. 14 on Matt Wood’s big board. Only one of us had Ogunjobi on our Top 50 big board (Josh Finney), but that still counts.

Going by the Browns pre-draft interest tracker, Kizer was on there but Ogunjobi was not. That means 3/5 picks so far have been on the tracker.

Late Quotes from Sashi Brown, Hue Jackson, Andrew Berry

Best Talent Still Available

The price of moving up from No. 33 to No. 29 for Njoku on Day 1 was the Browns’ fourth-round pick. Therefore, on Saturday, their first pick will not be until the first pick of the fifth round. Right now, the Browns have three fifth-round picks and two sixth-round picks. Only 8 players remain from our DBN big board:

1. DE Caleb Brantley
2. DE Carl Lawson
3. OL Dorian Johnson
4. RB Marcus Sanders-Williams
5. TE Bucky Hodges
6. QB Joshua Dobbs
7. S Desmond King
8. TE Jake Butt

At this point of the draft, it’s actually better to look at who remains from the team’s interest tracker:

Offense: QB Davis Webb, QB Sefo Liufau, QB Garrett Fugate, RB Devine Redding, WR Dede Westbrook, WE Malachi Dupre, WR Jamari Staples, WR Kaleb Moore, TE Bucky Hodges, TE Jordan Leggett, TE Blake Jarwin, TE Andrey Avgi, OG Avery Gennesy, OG Sean Harlow, OT Mason Zandi, OL Gavin Andrews.

Defense: DE Caleb Brantley, DL Treyvon Hester, DE Keion Adams, DL Glen Antoine, DT Casey Sayles, OLB Darius English, OLB Ryan Wilson, ILB Tanner Vallejo, ILB Ben Boulware, S Chuck Clark.

Special Teams: K Zane Gonzalez, LS Colin Holba.

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