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2017 NFL Mock Draft: Cleveland Browns Select DE Myles Garrett at No. 1

NCAA Football: Alabama at Texas A&M Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to kick off the 2017 DBN Community NFL Mock Draft! The first card has been handed in, and your Cleveland Browns select...

Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

The selection and write-up were made by Menocu:

A few whiffings past I was enjoying the first of my semi-weekly dinners at XO with Sashi Brown, Paul DePodesta, Dee Haslam and Mary Kay Cabot when someone mentioned the number 1 pick. I can’t be sure, but I think it was Paul, he is so chatty! I was eager for this discussion. Would it be a slam dunk with Jabrill Peppers on the board? How can one argue against those bloodlines? His dad was great for the Packers. I was leaning Peppers or even Peterman at 1, but my dinner companions had much to say about this gifted athlete named Myles Garrett. I was unfamiliar with Myles, his name hasn't been thrown around much by the draft analysts. My friends were going on about his athleticism, his performance and the impact he could have for the Browns.

Sashi, in his Harvard drawl noted,

“The guy is 6’4.5” and 272lbs! His hand size is 10 ¼” and his arms are like 35 ¼” long! On top of that he ran the 40 in 4.6 seconds and had a 41” vert! Beastly!”

I was impressed, but still on the Peppers monorail.

Paul, who was ready to burst with excitement and who also talks too much said,

“Myles had 11.5 sacks as a freshman and as a sophomore he had 12.5 sacks and five forced fumbles. He did suffer a knee injury early in his junior year, but still put up 8.5 sacks and 15 tackles for loss. On top of that he was named first-team All-American and All-SEC!”

Wow, these two buds of mine were really laying it on and I was seriously starting to consider this relative unknown as a possibility at 1. Myles Garrett, where have you been hiding?

Dee, not wanting to be left out added,

“Myles Garrett is the best pass rusher in the draft. Even fighting through injury this year he had a major impact defensively. This is the type of player that can make us instantly better. Garrett and Ogbah could be able to consistently pressure opposing offenses. Something the Browns have been sorely lacking recently. Our defense was the weakest link last year. We really feel out of all the players available Myles would have the largest impact. Especially since the best QBs should still be available later in the first round.”

Sashi and Paul looked at each other and simultaneously yelled “Mahomes!”, each did a shot of Wild Turkey and then high-fived.

Dee said with a chuckle,

“Fo’ rizzle. This is partly why we’ve been putting out rumors that Trubisky is our top target. I can’t believe people are actually buying it!”

Next I awaited what Mary Kay would have to say, however she was preoccupied with her dinner selection and the multiple sauces it offered. She was only able mumble out something about dinosaurs. Mary Kay you are such a card!

I took the opportunity to blurt out,

“Jabrill could also play WR!”

Sashi countered,

“Two words for you. Gosh Jordon”

Dee, while gently placing her hand on my knee, interjected,

“Menocu, choose wisely, choose Garrett.”

Would this final gesture be enough to sway me?

... Some days later ...

Now that DBN Mock Draft Day is upon us, what path will our hero choose?!

Menocu takes a drink and says,

“With the first pick in 2017 DBN Community Mock Draft, Menocu’s Cleveland Browns select Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M.”

Pokorny: heh, well that was an adventure! Long story short, there is, as Vince McMahon would say, “No chance in hell” that Cleveland is picking anyone besides Garrett at No. 1 overall.

The San Francisco 49ers are up next, led by unoservix.

2017 DBN Community Mock Draft Results

Pick Team Username Selection
Pick Team Username Selection
1 Cleveland Browns Menocu DE Myles Garrett
2 San Francisco 49ers unoservix S Malik Hooker
3 Chicago Bears CTBuckeye DE Solomon Thomas
4 Jacksonville Jaguars UberTater RB Leonard Fournette
5 Tennessee Titans npchristman CB Marshon Lattimore
6 New York Jets jdreyfuss S Jamal Adams
7 Los Angeles Chargers unoservix S Jabrill Peppers
8 Carolina Panthers MConley17 TE O.J. Howard
9 Cincinnati Bengals Mudville DE Derek Barnett
10 Buffalo Bills The Bottom! WR Mike Williams
11 New Orleans Saints makeaplay59 DT Jonathan Allen
12 Cleveland Browns mrwhitman QB Mitch Trubisky
13 Arizona Cardinals Crawford_T WR Corey Davis
14 Philadelphia Eagles Gin_and_Tonic CB Gareon Conley
15 Indianapolis Colts fjblessi ILB Reuben Foster
16 Baltimore Ravens Suppa Bob DE Taco Charlton
17 Washington Redskins OhioCityBrownsBeliever LB Haason Reddick
18 Tennessee Titans Legoman0721 WR John Ross
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ezweav S Obi Melifonwu
20 Denver Broncos poultman OT Ryan Ramczyk
21 Detroit Lions Mean Ol' Pete LB Zach Cunningham
22 Miami Dolphins anthszabo DE Charles Harris
23 New York Giants impulseCTRLissues OT Cam Robinson
24 Oakland Raiders Ghenry518 ILB Raekwon McMillan
25 Houston Texans Darth_Batman QB Deshaun Watson
26 Seattle Seahawks michael.hamper OT Garett Bolles
27 Kansas City Chiefs The Beast Mode QB Pat Mahomes
28 Dallas Cowboys Matt Wood CB Tre'Davious White
29 Green Bay Packers Robo Dawg RB Christian McCaffrey
30 Pittsburgh Steelers fj holden CB Kevin King
31 Atlanta Falcons BrianB77 OL Forrest Lamp
32 New Orleans Saints troy145 RB Dalvin Cook
33 Cleveland Browns Ike5 S Budda Baker