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What will the Cleveland Browns look like in 5 years?

This morning, SB Nation received a bit of a branding overhaul, for which some changes will be coming to the team blogs later this month. As part of the overhaul, a new NFL feature came out this morning titled, “The Future of Football.” As part of that glance into the future, we want to forecast what will be different about your Cleveland Browns five years from now.

Vote in the poll below and let us know which prediction you think has the best chance of coming true.

DeShone Kizer is the Browns’ starting quarterback. This would figure to be a miracle, because the Browns have been searching for an answer at the position since 1999, and no quarterback on the team even seems to be able to get a full season of work before moving on to the next guy. Someone will break the drought, and with Kizer’s size and the club having a good-looking offensive line locked up for years to come, he could be the guy to do it.

Joe Thomas retires after 15 seasons with perfection. It’s unbelievable that Thomas has played 10 seasons without missing a single snap, and at a Hall of Fame level no less. If he decides to finish out his career with the Browns, he might have another five years before he calls it a career, possibly without ever having missed a snap.

Sashi Brown and Hue Jackson are still running the ship. The Browns need organizational stability, and although a 1-15 record in their first season together isn’t something they’d like to tout on their resume, they can only go up and have a chance to truly build a team from the ground up with Jimmy Haslam’s blessing.

The Browns make the postseason. Note that this could mean multiple postseasons, but for the sake of argument, let’s say that at least make one postseason. The NFL is meant for this type of parity; heck, even teams like the Dolphins and Texans made the playoffs last year!

The Browns get a complete branding overhaul. Fans weren’t very receptive to the last branding overhaul for the Browns, but Dee Haslam orchestrates a second and more successful branding overhaul, including slick uniforms and a logo on the helmet.


Looking 5 years into the future, which prediction do you feel most confident about happening?

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  • 7%
    DeShone Kizer is still the Browns’ starting quarterback
    (320 votes)
  • 25%
    Joe Thomas retires after 15 seasons with perfection
    (1139 votes)
  • 19%
    Sashi Brown and Hue Jackson are still running the ship
    (876 votes)
  • 33%
    The Browns make the postseason
    (1490 votes)
  • 13%
    Cleveland has a complete branding overhaul, including a logo on the helmet
    (598 votes)
4423 votes total Vote Now