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Joe Thomas continues to have fun with annual photo

The past couple of years, Cleveland Browns LT Joe Thomas has really had a happy-go-lucky type of attitude, and perhaps that’s the only healthy way for him to maintain a level of sanity with all of losing, coaching changes, regime changes, and quarterbacks he’s seen come and go. That attitude has extended to photo day, as Dan Murphy (one of the team’s longstanding public relations employee) shared the last three years of Thomas’ photos:

The most recent one has him sporting shades. It’s things like this that, despite all the losing, has to make Thomas want to stay in Cleveland. He seems to love being able to showcase his personality at this stage of his career, and he is embedded in a culture that has embraced that. Stick him with another team all of a sudden and it’s probably not something you can organically pull off.

Despite the fun, it’s unlikely that it gets used in the official guide; as you can see from last year’s media guide below, Thomas’ photo was a normal smiling head shot.