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Cleveland Browns sign 3rd round draft pick, DT Larry Ogunjobi

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The Cleveland Browns signed DT Larry Ogunjobi on Thursday, which means the team has now signed half of their ten-man draft class.

Taken in the 3rd round at No. 65 overall, Ogunjobi’s contract will be worth about $3.382 million, with a $981,564 signing bonus over four years, according to OverTheCap's pre-determined draft chart. His cap hit in 2017 will be roughly $710,391.

Ogunjobi was the team's 5th player selected in the draft, one of two defensive tackles picked, and their only third-round pick. He is 6-2, 305-pounds and played college football at North Carolina Charlotte. Ogunjobi will wear No. 65 with the Browns.