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Browns favorably represented by anonymous NFL evaluators

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On Wednesday, Field Yates of ESPN posted an article in which he asked six NFL talent evaluators (described as NFL coaches or personnel men) to pick the league’s best offseason move. Moves made by your very own Cleveland Browns were represented in three of those evaluators’ choices.

The first one, coming from a “front-office executive,” praised Cleveland's offensive line investments, including the following quotes:

“I will say Cleveland's building of their offensive line. Not one move in particular but adding two starters in free agency and locking in their best young lineman. ... [If they struggle again this season], they won't be able to blame it on bad players up front.”

A "veteran defensive coach" chose the Browns drafting Jabrill Peppers, believe it or not, believing that Peppers being paired with Gregg Williams is a perfect fit and comparable to what Williams did with DB Lamarcus Joyner.

"Everybody kept saying, 'What is this guy?' After watching Gregg Williams' defense, I think that Peppers is the perfect fit for that Joyner role. I can just see [Williams] going there and thinking 'Peppers is a perfect guy in my defense.' ... Peppers can be a freelance playmaker. Let him make his own plays. That's who that guy is in that system. I think it will be a great team for him. Williams also plays plenty of zone defense, so Peppers won't always have to be in man-to-man."

The third Browns-related quote was more about the Houston Texans and how it works out positively from their perspective. This one came from another defensive coach:

"A lot of teams wouldn't have admitted it was an obvious mistake to sign him and would keep banging their heads against the wall, trying see if he finally gets it," the coach said. "[The Texans] have a championship-level defense, and if they can get any type of offensive production, they can compete in the AFC. The guy was a terrible QB ... he wasn't only not winning -- he was losing them games."

The non-Browns moves that were chosen included the Colts hiring GM Chris Ballard, the Packers changing their free agency habits, and the Vikings retooling their running game via the draft.